Connecting buyers and sellers is a lot of work. If you run an online marketplace, Fawry Digital is here to make business easier.

Accept payments. The Way You Prefer.

If you need to provide users with a greater range of payment options, look no further – Fawry’s gateway supports everything from payment by card and reference code entry to digital wallets and ATMs, IVR and e-banking.

Need a simple solution? Allow your customers to pay by link, generated by SMS or as a shareable web link. We go the extra mile when you can’t! Our full delivery and pickup service allows you to receive payment on delivery – by cash or card.

Paying your partners or contactors has never been easier.

Easily and securely meet all your payout needs with Fawry Digital, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with instant tracking included.

If you are looking to provide customers with installment options, Fawry Digital offers all kinds of online programs – built just to suit your customers’ preferences. Come closer to your market than ever before promotion and loyalty solutions, including a customizable pointing system that allows you to profitably reward and segment each customer.

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Payout Solutions

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We are committed to creating partnerships that in return help you give your customers an effortless payment experience.

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